Grower to Grower. Organically grown, state-certified clones to start your premium, sustainable crop. Attain maximum yield and variable CBD content with Rooted Clone. 

Greg "The Roseman" Selvage

Greg was the 828th farmer in the state of Colorado to qualify for Medical Marijuana Caregivership in the year 2000. For nearly two decades Greg has taken a lifelong penchant for farming and lovingly translated it to the plant he considers to be a lifesaver. He has long traversed this valley with the belief that plants have the ability to heal. Roses were his first passion, and he is still known affectionately up and down the valley as "The Roseman." More than a rose delivery man, he considered his offerings as relationships salves. Upon realizing that he had the ability and knowledge to grow a plant that could improve more than just the romantic quality of a life, he enthusiastically joined the Medical Marijuana Caregiver Community and helped many patients to heal themselves with quality, organically grown, and lovingly dispensed medical marijuana. A lifelong farmer, his knowledge of vegetable care and cloning led to excellence in growing. When a loved one developed a deadly disease, he pooled all his resources and tripled his efforts at education in all types of alternative health. He's also an expert wheatgrass grower, has participated in local organic CSAs, and lovingly tended an infamous pumpkin patch for a dozen years, delighting in the company of the community as they picked their pumpkins for holiday cheer. His transition to hemp is an outgrowth of this new knowledge: the realization that the same health benefits can be gleaned from hemp as marijuana was a watershed moment. He delights in the accessibility this gives to healing people of all ages. Grateful that his own family is healthy and prosperous, he extends his earnest care and education to other farmers, providing then with the very best rooted hemp clones to ensure that they too have premium, sustainable, CBD-rich crops. Bountiful, beautiful yields are his proven guarantee. And his joy.

Over 40 years combined experience and countless successful crops. Ask us how to plant and when. Learn proper watering and fertilization techniques. Find out what CBDs can do for you and your loved ones. Ask us anything, we are here to help your health and business grow. 

Craig & Celena Neal

Craig Neal parlayed student life at Colorado University at Boulder into a lifelong network of health and information. Early on he grew fascinated with ground-breaking Canadian cannabis growers, some of the first scientists and farmers to spawn and educate the marijuana, hemp, and CBD movements. He quickly learned that the fastest way to affect healing was through high CBD content. During the earliest advancements in the new field of legalized medical marijuana, Craig and his wife Celena were perfectly poised to become integral to Whole Hemp, which morphed into Folium Biosciences in 2012. They focused primarily on the most powerful healing aspect of cannabis: high CBD content. Spearheading a successful effort to breed low THC, high CBD plants naturally led this groundbreaking couple to concentrate on hemp, eschewing the more unpredictable and opportunistic world of medical marijuana dispensaries. As Director of Grow Operations of Folium Biosciences in Colorado Springs, Craig grasped instantly the depth of knowledge and care that is necessary to develop and manage a large grow. In fact, he oversaw the largest grow in the country in 2016, with Folium becoming the largest vertically integrated producer of CBD-rich hemp oil in the world. He has rigorously bred 10 personal CBD strains, highly hybridized  to accommodate patients of every age, with some coming in at a whopping 59:1 ratio of CBD to THC. This with an overall CBD content ranging as high as 18 percent. Craig and Celena Neal work side by side on the cutting edge of hybridization to ensure the safest, most potent, and highest quality CBD product possible. Your family's health is their passion.

Brady & Evan Selvage

Yaz Selvage

Yaz is an ecstatic medical marijuana success story. Like many hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, she was given the equivalent of a death sentence, and told that her only hope lay in traumatic and expensive medical procedures. Opting to live out her time in a peaceful, serene place, she sought the mountains of Colorado. Determined as she was, when she met Greg Selvage he would not accept her stubborn refusal to get help, instead taking her on as a patient in his role as a Medical Marijuana Caregiver. Five years later she is fully recovered, and dedicated to helping others through fostering Rooted Clone and teaching meditation and yoga. Your peace of mind is her mission.

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